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Why the Election May Slow Plans To Replace Lead Pipes

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Lead in drinking water is a known danger. But how many of the country鈥檚 estimated 9 million lead service lines need to be replaced 鈥 and how quickly 鈥 is subject to debate. The clock is ticking on two competing plans as the election looms.

Could Better Inhalers Help Patients, and the Planet?

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Puff inhalers can be lifesavers for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases, but some types release potent greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. That, in turn, worsens wildfires, contributes to air pollution, and intensifies allergy seasons 鈥 which can increase the need for inhalers. Some doctors are helping patients switch to more eco-sensitive inhalers.

The Neglected U.S. Victims of Agent Orange

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has long given Vietnam veterans disability compensation for illness connected to Agent Orange, widely used to defoliate Southeast Asian battlefields during the U.S. war. Less well known: The powerful herbicide combination was also routinely used to kill weeds at domestic military bases. Those exposed to the chemicals at the bases are still waiting for the same […]

Toxic Gas Adds to a Long History of Pollution in Southwest Memphis

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People across the nation claim cancer-causing emissions from local sterilizing plants are making them sick. It鈥檚 an example of environmental racism, say residents of one predominantly Black area in southwest Memphis, Tennessee, where life expectancy is much shorter than county and state averages.

Tire Toxicity Faces Fresh Scrutiny After Salmon Die-Offs

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Tires emit huge volumes of particles and chemicals as they roll along the highway, and researchers are only beginning to understand the threat. One byproduct of tire use, 6PPD-q, is in regulators鈥 crosshairs after it was found to be killing fish.

Newsom Offers a Compromise to Protect Indoor Workers from Heat

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After rejecting proposed rules to protect millions of workers in sweltering warehouses, steamy kitchens, and other hot workplaces, California Gov. Gavin Newsom鈥檚 administration has offered a compromise to allow the protections to take effect this summer. But state and local correctional workers 鈥 and prisoners 鈥 would have to wait even longer.