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KFF 国产精品视频 News' 'What the 国产精品视频?': SCOTUS Ruling Strips Power From Federal 国产精品视频 Agencies


In what will certainly be remembered as a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has overruled a 40-year-old precedent that gave federal agencies, rather than judges, the power to interpret ambiguous laws passed by Congress. Administrative experts say the decision will dramatically change the way key health agencies do business. Also, the court decided not to decide whether a federal law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care overrides Idaho鈥檚 near-total ban on abortion. Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Victoria Knight of Axios, and Joanne Kenen of Johns Hopkins University and Politico Magazine join KFF 国产精品视频 News chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner to discuss these stories and more. Plus, for 鈥渆xtra credit,鈥 the panelists suggest health policy stories they read this week they think you should read, too.

Biden Wants Hospitals To Report Data on Gunshot Wounds

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The Biden administration is enlisting America鈥檚 doctors to help combat gun violence. About 160 health-care executives and officials have been invited to the White House today and Friday to promote public health solutions to the epidemic. A top priority, I鈥檓 told: The White House wants hospital emergency departments to collect more data about gunshot injuries […]

Why Even Public 国产精品视频 Experts Have Limited Insight Into Stopping Gun Violence in America

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After the 1996 Dickey Amendment halted federal spending on research into firearms risks, a small group of academics pressed on, with little money or political support, to document the nation鈥檚 growing gun violence problem and start to understand what can be done to curb the public health crisis.

Biden鈥檚 Got a Taker for One of His Gun Safety Proposals: California

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California could give President Biden a political win this year on gun violence. State senators passed sweeping legislation in January that would toughen gun storage requirements, embracing a White House priority that has languished in Congress. Many states, including California, have laws in place requiring gun owners to securely store their firearms when children are […]