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A Little-Recognized Public 国产精品视频 Crisis

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About every 12 minutes, someone is killed on America鈥檚 roads and countless others are injured. More than 42,500 people died in car crashes in 2022, a death toll that rivals or surpasses those of other major public health threats, such as the flu and gun violence. 鈥淲e have not recognized that traffic violence is a […]

Why the Election May Slow Plans To Replace Lead Pipes

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Lead in drinking water is a known danger. But how many of the country鈥檚 estimated 9 million lead service lines need to be replaced 鈥 and how quickly 鈥 is subject to debate. The clock is ticking on two competing plans as the election looms.

Abortion Ballot Measures Won鈥檛 Automatically Undo Existing Laws

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On Tuesday, a judge in Michigan blocked some of the state鈥檚 lingering restrictions on abortion access, including a mandatory 24-hour waiting period. The ruling comes 19 months after voters added abortion rights to the state constitution in November 2022. Michigan was one of the first states to protect abortion access at the ballot box after […]

He Thinks His Wife Died in an Understaffed Hospital. Now He鈥檚 Trying to Change the Industry.

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Nurses are telling lawmakers that there are not enough of them working in hospitals and that it risks patients鈥 lives. California and Oregon legally limit the number of patients under a nurse鈥檚 care. Other states trying to do the same were blocked by the hospital industry. Now patients鈥 relatives are joining the fight.