KFF 国产精品视频 News tells the stories of Colorado, Montana and the rest of the region.

This State Isn鈥檛 Waiting for Biden To Negotiate Drug Prices

As the federal government negotiates with drugmakers to lower the price of 10 expensive drugs for Medicare patients, impatient legislators in some states are trying to go even further. Leading the pack is Colorado, where a new Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board is set to recommend an 鈥渦pper payment limit鈥 for drugs it deems unaffordable. In late […]

Rapid Rise in Syphilis Hits Native Americans Hardest

With U.S. syphilis rates climbing to the worst level in seven decades, public health experts and the federal Indian 国产精品视频 Service are scrambling to detect and treat the disease in Native American communities, where babies are infected at a higher rate than in any other demographic.

When Copay Assistance Backfires on Patients

Drugmakers offer copay assistance programs to patients, but insurers are tapping into those funds, not counting the amounts toward patient deductibles. That leads to unexpected charges. But the practice is under growing scrutiny.

GOP-Led States Expand Crackdowns on Transgender Care

South Carolina鈥檚 legislature is poised to pass a bill prohibiting doctors from offering some health-care services to transgender minors 鈥 part of a new wave of anti-trans legislation from Republican-led states. The South Carolina bill, which passed the state House of Representatives in January and is under consideration in the Senate, would bar health-care providers […]

Colorado Isn鈥檛 Giving up on Its Drug Importation Dream

Colorado hopes to join Florida to become only the second state authorized to import prescription drugs from Canada. But they鈥檙e hitting the same hurdles: drugmakers 鈥 and the FDA. Colorado officials recently amended their 2022 importation application with the Food and Drug Administration, in the process revealing new correspondence that shows the state鈥檚 so-far fruitless […]

KFF 国产精品视频 News' 'What the 国产精品视频?': Alabama鈥檚 IVF Ruling Still Making Waves

Lawmakers in Congress and state legislatures are scrambling to react to the ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court that frozen embryos created for in vitro fertilization are legally children. Abortion opponents are divided among themselves, with some supporting full 鈥減ersonhood鈥 for fertilized eggs, while others support IVF as a moral way to have children. Rachel Cohrs of Stat, Riley Griffin of Bloomberg News, and Joanne Kenen of the Johns Hopkins University schools of nursing and public health and Politico Magazine join KFF 国产精品视频 News鈥 Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Also this week, Rovner interviews University of Pittsburgh law professor Greer Donley, who explains how a 150-year-old anti-vice law that鈥檚 still on the books could be used to ban abortion nationwide. Plus, for 鈥渆xtra credit,鈥 the panelists suggest health policy stories they read this week that they think you should read, too.

Bathroom Bills Are Back 鈥 Broader and Stricter 鈥 In Several States

State lawmakers are resurrecting and expanding efforts to prohibit transgender people from using public restrooms and other spaces that match their gender. Some have sought to ban trans people from 鈥渟ex-designated spaces,鈥 including domestic violence shelters and crisis centers, which experts say could violate anti-discrimination laws and jeopardize federal funding.