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This State Isn鈥檛 Waiting for Biden To Negotiate Drug Prices

As the federal government negotiates with drugmakers to lower the price of 10 expensive drugs for Medicare patients, impatient legislators in some states are trying to go even further. Leading the pack is Colorado, where a new Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board is set to recommend an 鈥渦pper payment limit鈥 for drugs it deems unaffordable. In late […]

Colorado Isn鈥檛 Giving up on Its Drug Importation Dream

Colorado hopes to join Florida to become only the second state authorized to import prescription drugs from Canada. But they鈥檙e hitting the same hurdles: drugmakers 鈥 and the FDA. Colorado officials recently amended their 2022 importation application with the Food and Drug Administration, in the process revealing new correspondence that shows the state鈥檚 so-far fruitless […]