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A Little-Recognized Public 国产精品视频 Crisis

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About every 12 minutes, someone is killed on America鈥檚 roads and countless others are injured. More than 42,500 people died in car crashes in 2022, a death toll that rivals or surpasses those of other major public health threats, such as the flu and gun violence. 鈥淲e have not recognized that traffic violence is a […]

California 国产精品视频 Care Pioneer Goes National, Girds for Partisan Skirmishes

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Anthony Wright, a champion for Californians鈥 health care rights, will take the helm of Families USA in Washington, D.C., where he plans to campaign for more affordable and accessible care nationally. He leaves 国产精品视频 Access California, where he helped outlaw surprise medical billing, require companies to report drug price increases, and cap hospital bills for uninsured patients.

The Court Case That Could Upend Access To Free Birth Control

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A lawsuit winding its way through the courts could undermine the power of federal agencies to mandate the services health insurance providers must cover. And that could threaten access to free birth control for millions of Americans. The case is called Braidwood Management Inc. v. Becerra, and it was brought by plaintiffs looking to strike […]